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Scientific Symposium of Mining Engineering (SSME)
The scientific symposium of mining engineering of the Amirkabir University of Technology was established in 1982. This student association which its members are students of the mining engineering department serves as a link between the educational affairs and students. Activities of the SSME are holding software courses related to the field of mining engineering each year, holding training camps in countrywide mines to learn more about underground mines and how to extract and explore them, and holding an annual scientific conference of mining engineering since 16 years ago.
Scientific-specialized Bolour Journal, one of the achievements of SSME, is the first and most experienced student journal in the field of mining engineering in Iran and has won the Harekat National Festival prize for six consecutive years.
Student Council of Mining Engineering
The Student Council has been established to create the right atmosphere to foster participation, consultation, decision making, planning, and collaboration of the students in student affairs, and pursue the students’ rights and privacy with the support of the students and the university.
This council is the only non-political organization elected by the students and deals with all student affairs, regardless of thinking, political orientation or degree. The student affairs are ranged from superficial issues to more important issues such as educational affairs and even personal issues such as dormitory affairs. 
The student council of mining engineering is located on the second floor of the department. It is one of the most active student council of the university, as well as the most experienced one in a variety of areas including student conferences, gatherings, and ceremonies in the university.
One of the main activities of the student council of the department is to pursue educational issues, collaborate with the department education to achieve the most optimal curriculum per semester, as well as many other issues affecting the students’ education process. The most important extracurricular activities of the student council at the request of the students are holding student events and celebrations, coordinating and handling sports teams, publishing the student council publication (Ayyar), preparing and collecting textbooks.
One of the achievements of the student council of the department is the “Ayyar” publication. This publication considers students’ concerns and has become an opportunity for students to communicate with faculty members and department management.

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