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Educational Spaces

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The educational facilities of the department are 16 classrooms equipped with a video projector, the conference room with audiovisual facilities, an amphitheater for more than 250 people, and dedicated study rooms for female and male students.

The department also has a computer center which includes bachelor’s and master’s sections located on the third floor of the building. The computer center is equipped with a master server HP, model Intel Xeon 3.60 GH, a backup server, a web server, and a print server. The computer center connects to the University Informatics Center and internet by software router via optical fiber. The internal network connection of the department is through CAT5 cables and using more than 10 switches and 24 ports on different floors of the department.
Bachelor’s and master’s computer centers are equipped with 32 and 22 computers respectively. The latest version of more than 35 specialized and general software are installed on these computers. We also have three computer sites for Ph.D. students that are equipped with about 15 computers and three laser printers on the ground and eighth floors of the department. All computers can be accessed with students’ username and password. Each user has its own space to save his/her files, and only he/she can access the information. Users can purchase a credit card and charge it to print. Scanning, CD and DVD writing, and color printing are also available. More than 150 different software, including general and specialized software for copying on department server, are available. More than 160 computers for students, faculty members, and offices are managed under this internal network.


The Ph.D. site of the mining engineering department was established in 2005 with 12 partitions (24 students) and increased to 30 in 2008. In 2012, this number increased to 65 in three centers with a capacity of 125 students. Each incoming student is assigned a room at the beginning of each academic year.

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