Department of Mining Engineering- Staff Members
Staff (in alphabetical order)

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Name : Mohammad Reza Aslani

Responsibility: Academic Affairs Manager and Research Affairs Officer, Department Labs Manager

Phone Number: +982164542966


Name : Mostafa Chegini

Responsibility: Academic Affairs Officer, Expert of Mineral Processing Laboratory

Phone Number: +982164542943


Name: Mohammad Ebadi

Responsibility: Academic and Research Affairs Manager, Computer Center Administrator, Expert of Numerical Modeling Laboratory and Computational Center

Phone Number: +982164542964


Name: Maryam Faghihi

Responsibility: Undergraduate Academic Affairs Assistant

Phone Number: +982164542924


Name: Masoomeh Fallahi

Responsibility: Academic Affairs Officer, Expert of Geochemical and Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Phone Number: +982164542919


Name : Khadijeh Haghsheno

Responsibility: Graduate Education Officer

Phone Number: +982164542960


Name: Mojtaba Moheb Hoori

Responsibility: Academic Affairs Officer, Expert of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Laboratories

Phone Number: +982164542975


Name: Davood Moradiseresht

Responsibility: Building Operations Manager, Janitorial Manager

Phone Number: +982164542946


Name: Mohammad Mosayebi

Responsibility: Academic Affairs Manager, Expert of Thin Section, Cartography and Mineralography, Geophysics, Petrology, and Ventilation Laboratories

Phone Number: +982164542916



Name : Leila Peykrayegan

Responsibility: Academic Affairs Officer, Expert of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Phone Number: +982164542912


Name: Monavar Shahravi

Responsibility: Research Affairs Officer

Phone Number: +982164542900


Name : Fatimah Shirjafari

Responsibility: Department Office Manager

Phone Number: +982164542900 - +982166419729


Name: Gholamhossein Alizadeh

Responsibility: Academic Affairs Assistant Officer and Publication Officer

Phone Number: +982164542934


Name: Akbar Mahdiloo

Responsibility: Educational Assistant, SEM technician

Phone Number: +982164542917


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