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Department Overview

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Having a long history in training mining experts and geoscientists, Mining Engineering Department of Amirkabir University has such a unique position and unprecedented popularity in Iran for being comprehensive and having several fields of mining and geology engineering (rock mechanics, tunneling, groundwater resources, geophysics, dam construction, geochemistry, petroleum extraction and exploitation, environment, …), as well as significant research and educational facilities. Graduates of this department can carry out operational and research projects in the fields such as exploration, exploitation, and mineral processing. The main goals of this department have been always to train specialists in the field of mining to progress the mining industry as well as meet the widespread industrial needs.
General trend of the department research activities is to familiarize students with issues and difficulties related to mining industry and emphasizing on practical research, promoting and developing the spirit of research and innovation, improving the quality and quantity of training courses and providing relative facilities for the participation of academic staffs and students in internal and external conferences and presenting scientific articles in accredited international journals.
In the department, "Industrial Relations" center has been established to improve the connection with industry. This center has signed some research and educational cooperation agreements with many research centers and institutes, ministries and industrial enterprises.

    The number of BSc students: 314 Students
    The number of MSc students: 117 Students
    The number of Ph.D. students: 81 Students

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