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The department of Mining Engineering was founded in 1974 as the Mining Engineering and Metal Extraction Institute and offered an undergraduate program in mining exploitation with accepting 15 students. A few years later, two undergraduate programs, mining exploitation and exploration, were launched. To complete the chain of minerals from exploration and exploitation to the production of metals and metal materials, in 1994 two specialty fields of "industrial metallurgy" and "extractive metallurgy" were introduced. Annually, about 50 undergraduate students are admitted to mining engineering through the university entrance examination. Along with the development of postgraduate education, master's degree in mining engineering in the fields of "rock mechanics", "mining exploration", "mining exploitation", “mineral processing" and "tunneling" has been launched, and annually admits students through the university entrance examination.
The master’s degree in rock mechanics was founded in 1992. We are honored to be the first mining department to offer a Ph.D. degree in 1996. In 2006, after offering a Ph.D. program in mineral processing, this department had four programs (rock mechanics, mining exploration, mining exploitation, mineral processing) to train Ph.D. students. Annually, about 50 undergraduate and 40 graduate students in 7 programs are admitted to our department. The number of our labs (X-ray laboratory, flotation laboratory, geotechnical laboratory, geotechnics laboratory, thin section laboratory, etc.) in terms of laboratories’ variety and facilities, is one of the most unique and greatest in Iran.
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