Mineralography Laboratory

 | Post date: 2019/12/3 | 
emailIn this laboratory, undergraduate students of mining exploration at the optical mineralogy and mineralography courses learn how to work with a microscope, carry out optical mineralogy studies and identify minerals under a microscope, and study the mineralography of polished sections in the laboratory. Research microscopes are also used for studying the thin sections and polished sections and it is possible to photograph different sections.

Laboratory Equipment
  • Old polarizing research microscope with instruments such as hardness meter, cathodic measurement, etc.: Studying thin and polished sections and photography of samples
  • Simple polarizing microscope: Studying thin and polished sections
  • Olympus polarizing research microscope made in Japan: Photography of thin and polished sections and studying the samples  by monitor
  • Polishing table of mineralogy and optical mineralogy class


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