Environmental and Recycling Laboratory

 | Post date: 2019/12/3 | 
With the expansion of industrial activity, especially in the mining fields and the effects of mining, processing, and extraction on the environment, as well as the large volume of waste materials and pollutions resulting from these industries, the Environmental and Recycling Laboratory has been established. The purpose of this laboratory is to expand scientific and research activities in the field of environment and to provide laboratory recycling and service. On the other hand, waste materials of other industries, materials, and worn-out products as secondary sources are important sources for extracting and recycling to the consumption cycle.

Laboratory research activities
  • Characterization of wastes
  • Separating and recycling the materials from industrial wastes and worn-out materials
  • Chemical bioremediation of wastes and wastewaters
  • Assessment of production capability and neutralization of acid mine drainage (AMD)
  • Reprocessing of Mining Wastes
  • Designing of remediation and recycling processes
Laboratory Equipment
  • 75-liter autoclave: Sterilizing liquids, immunizing contaminated materials and equipment, sterilizing equipment and glass containers
  • Laboratory centrifugation: Separating the solids in large volumes of suspensions containing a small amount of a solid in the form of a continuous flow, and separating the biological products and aqueous samples
  • Wet cell

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