Flotation Laboratory

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Flotation, leaching and hydrometallurgical tests are performed in this laboratory. Flotation by foam or bubble (foam flotation) is a kind of process of breakdown and separation of fine-grained solids based on the surface chemistry science and the physicochemical properties of the surfaces of the solids and is carried out based on the differences in the wettability of the particle surfaces. Hydrometallurgy is a specialized branch of extractive metallurgy that consists of two distinct phases and both two phases are generally carried out in this laboratory:
  • Selective dissolution of the metal from the ore or leaching process
  • Selective recovery of metal from solution leached.
All processes of extracting the metals or elements from their ores, concentrates, tailings and other metallurgical intermediate products can be carried out using aqueous media and aqueous solutions in this laboratory.

Laboratory Research Activities
  • Processing, extracting and recycling of materials by flotation, leaching and hydrometallurgical methods
Laboratory Equipment
  • Denver Laboratory Flotation Cell: The main laboratory device used for flotation experiments
  • Titrator: Titrating the solutions
  • Davis tube
  • Leaching & Hydrometallurgical Equipment: Including pH meter, hot plate, mixer, glass containers and laboratory materials, scale, oven, etc.
  • Karl Fischer Device: Determining the amount of water absorbed by organic solutions

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