Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

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In this laboratory, mineral and metal samples are analyzed using classical analytical methods and procedures.

Educational Activities of the Laboratory
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory
  • Minerals analysis laboratory
  • Metals extraction laboratory
  • Hydrometallurgy laboratory
Laboratory Research Activities
  • Measurement of chloride, sulfate, phosphate, L.O.I, total iron, water hardness, pH, and density
  • Chemistry related research
  • Determination and analysis of cations and anions of rocks and mineral compounds via titration and gravimetric methods
  • Water chemistry analysis
  • Determining the physicochemical properties of the materials (specific gravity, pH, etc.)
Laboratory Equipment
  • pH meter: Measuring the pH of solutions
  • Scale with the accuracy of 0.0001 g
  • Scale with the accuracy of 0.001 g
  • Water distiller
  • Oven: Drying the materials
  • Furnace: Burning to high temperatures
  • Shaker
  • Mechanical mixer: Mixing fluids and solutions
  • Water bath
  • Hot Plates and Magnets: Heating and mixing
  • Magnetic mixer
  • Magnet-free heater

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