Exploration Geophysics Laboratory

 | Post date: 2019/12/3 | 
The exploration geophysics laboratory is one of the most fundamental laboratories in any mining department. This laboratory is related to the fields of applied geophysics and well logging and can have a broad and applied research range. Implementation projects can also be carried out in the fields of mining, petrophysics, geophysics in civil engineering such as dam construction and large structures, groundwater studies, etc., which can be an appropriate source of income.

Laboratory Research Activities
  • Exploring mines, aquifers, oil and gas, and creating their mathematical models
  • Site studies, especially the study of dams, silos, tunnels, power plants, etc.
  • Environmental and archaeological studies
  • Studying seismic zoning of cities
  • Studying accelerometer stations
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Seismic tomography in all areas
  • Mine-detecting and military studies
  • Studies of radioactive materials
Laboratory Equipment
  • Geoelectrical Device: Measuring the natural potential of the earth (SP)
  • Magnetic Susceptibility Meter: Measuring the magnetic Susceptibility of laboratory samples
  • Gravimeter: Measuring the intensity of the earth's gravity field

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