Geotechnical Laboratory

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The Geotechnical Laboratory is established in an area of about 50 square meters in the department and various activities are carried out in the laboratory, some of which are as follows:

Laboratory Research Activities
Important activities in the geotechnical laboratory include carrying out research projects of undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students. A variety of accurate and precise measuring equipment and instruments for measuring force are available in the laboratory, providing a good opportunity for research and application projects. Various research has been completed by research groups so far, including pressure cell, load cell, flat dilatometer, rigid intra-borehole dilatometer, flat jack, and Micro TBM.
Industrial and Service Activities
One of the important activities carried out at the geotechnical laboratory is the implementation of various industrial projects to connect with the industry. Subjects considered up to now in industrial and service projects include a variety of tests on different soils. The most important activities in this laboratory are:
  • Measuring the rock abrasion percentage (Los Angeles method)
  • Measuring the stone abrasion percentage (Duval method)
  • Atterberg limits of soil
  • Measuring soil consolidation
  • Determining the soil moisture percentage
  • Determining the soil uniaxial resistance
  • Creating the concrete sample in two models (cylindrical-square)
  • Direct shear of soil
  • Vane shear of soil
  • Determining the soil density
  • Determining the soil gradation
  • Determining the S20 and SJ indices
  • Determining the Cerchar index
Laboratory Equipment
  • Hydraulic press machine, model Engineering Testing Machine, with a capacity of 113 tons
  • Hydraulic press machine, Chicago model, with a capacity of 120 tons
  • 250-ton press machine made by Toni Technik Company, Germany, with control panel
  • Vibroground geophysical instrument, Chicago Model
  • Speedy Moisture Tester made by Thomas Ashworth Company
  • Newview camera made by WILD Company with its tripod
  • Theodolite-camera made by Keuffel and Esser company with its tripod
  • Alignment telescopic camera with its tripod
  • Casagrande soil test machine, Soil Test model, made by Evanston Company, USA
  • Device for measuring the canals water flow
  • Electric mixer
  • Soil Consolidation Tester
  • Uniaxial Testing Machine: Measuring fine-grained strength
  • Farnell measuring machine: Measuring the enclosed air
  • Abrasion Testing Machine (Los Angeles)
  • Abrasion Testing Machine (Laval Machine)
  • Permeability measuring instrument
  • Flame Photometer
  • Single-cylinder Lister diesel engine with associated pump
  • Dual burner Lister engine with associated centrifugal pump
  • Single-cylinder hydraulic pump engine
  • Schmidt hammer
  • Single-pan scale with the capacity of 20 kg and accuracy of 1 g
  • Ordinary truck scale with a capacity of 100 kg
  • Falconry scale
  • Precise double-pan glass boxed scale
  • Precise single-pan glass boxed scale made by Sartorius Company
  • Single-pan scale with the capacity of 1200 g made by Mettler Company
  • Manual hydraulic jack
  • Charles Browning's Alignment Camera with relevant tripod
  • Concrete pressure cell made by SOIL TEST Company, USA
  • Single-pan scale with a capacity of 2610 grams and accuracy of 1 gram
  • Double-pan scale with a capacity of 10 kg
  • Double-pan scale with a capacity of 15 kg
  • Double-pan scale with a capacity of 5 kg
  • Double-pan scale with a capacity of 20 kg
  • Single-pan scale with a capacity of 100 grams
  • Soil shear testing machine
  • Concrete cube mold
  • Concrete cylinder mold
  • Field sieve
  • Marshall testing machine
  • Asphalt extractor
  • Asphalt mixer made by Reynolds Company
  • Oven
  • Jack shell
  • Compaction hammer
  • CBR test machine
  • Electrical stereoscope
  • Triaxial testing machine with four soil triaxial cells
  • The furnace with a glass tank
  • Field soil sampler
  • Handheld concrete mixer (cement mixer)
  • Gasoline concrete mixer (cement mixer)

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