Ventilation Laboratory

 | Post date: 2019/12/2 | 
This laboratory is related to the mine ventilation lesson. During the semester, the students are divided into 7-8 groups of 4 people, each of which performs the following tests:
  • Calculating and drawing the pressure and energy curves along the airway
  • Investigating the energy conversion along the airway
  • Testing the connection of fan in series and parallel systems and drawing their characteristic curves in each system
  • Testing the various ventilation models of road tunnels
  • Testing the sub-ventilation at dead ends using blowing and exhaust methods
  • Measuring the amount of air pollutants, velocity, and intensity of airflow
  • Laboratory-scale wind tunnel modeling
Laboratory Equipment
  • Underground Mines Ventilation System: Investigating all ventilation steps in mines and drawing curves of pressure and energy changes along the way
  • Laboratory Model of Road Tunnel Ventilation System: Investigating the road tunnel ventilation systems in transverse, semi-transverse and longitudinal methods
  • Laboratory Model of Subsidiary Ventilation in Underground Mines: Investigating the ventilation of dead ends in suction and ducting methods
  • Digital gas meter: Detecting CO-H2S-O2-CH gases in mines and public places
  • Speedometer, Thermometer and Unit Conversion: Determining air velocity per time unit, determining its temperature, and converting international units
  • Photometer: Determining the light in tunnels, mines, and other places.

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