Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

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Educational Activities of the Laboratory
  • Advanced study of materials
  • Atomic absorption (measuring the metal elements using flame and graphite furnace methods)
  • Measuring the electrical conductivity of the solutions
  • Absorption reading of samples at UV-VIS wavelengths
Laboratory Research Activities
  • Analysis of the ppm and ppb concentrations of metal elements in different samples
  • Quantitative analysis of elements (about 20 elements) using the atomic absorption method (graphite furnace and flame)
  • Measuring the cations and anions concentration using UV-VIS method
  • Measuring the ions concentration using ion-selective electrode method
Laboratory Equipment
  • Spectrophotometer: Drawing UV-VIC spectrum of colored and colorless solutions, measuring the absorbed light at specified wavelengths, drawing a calibration curve to measure the different elements
  • Atomic absorption Spectroscopy (ASS): Measuring the metals in different samples at concentrations of ppm and ppb
  • Conductometer: Measuring the electrical conductivity of ions in solutions
  • Ion meter: Measuring the various ions including chloride, bromine, nitrate, nitro, etc.
  • Flame Photometer: Measuring Li، Na، K , and Ca in different samples at concentrations of ppm

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