X-Ray Laboratory

 | Post date: 2019/12/2 | 
In this laboratory, X-ray beams are used to determine the crystalline phases and structures of elements. X-ray fluorescence is also used for determining the composition of mineral samples, solid chemical substances, and mineral values. Different elements in rocks and different metal alloys can be measured with high accuracy.

Educational Activities of the Laboratory
Training undergraduate and graduate students in the following courses:
  • New methods of material analysis
  • Analysis methods
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Advanced methods of mineral analysis
Laboratory Research Activities
  • Carrying out the XRD and XRF projects of students at various university degrees
  • Carrying out the out-of-department projects and referral works
Laboratory Equipment
  • XRF Instrument: Quantitative determination of minerals and chemicals
  • XRD Instrument: Determining the crystalline phases of mineral samples

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